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Name/Work Name: Suika Ibuki/Atsumaru
Canon: Touhou Project
Canon Point: Post chapter 21 of Wild and Horned Hermit
Age: Unknown, est. "Some hundreds of years", appears to be very young.
The backstory section of her Wiki page, while small, has good information. The story section of her page includes involvement in games and books, and her article in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red has some information as well.
The page about Oni in Touhou on the wiki is also relevant.

Suika isn't the type to spend too much time worrying. A carefree person, she's often found taking it easy and just trying to have a good time no matter what it is she's doing, and a lot of her motivations boil down to 'what will maximize fun and minimize work?'

Like all Oni, Suika is an extremely rowdy individual, and 'fun' usually translates into 'fights' when it comes to her. Or, at the very least, noisy parties. Her active roles in the fighting games reflect this, with her debut causing the residents of Gensokyo to feel compelled to throw parties night after night until she's defeated, all because an annual flower-viewing festival was missed that year. Her second appearance was literally just 'fight everyone, especially the heavenly beings. Secure residence in heaven and have awesome fights' without any real regard for the trouble that said heavenly beings were causing in the first place. Many of her other roles are more laid back, due to her mostly being a background character outside of the first two fighting games, but any time there's a big gathering or party, Suika can be counted on to be there.

A fairly obvious trait she has is her love of alcohol. It's sort of something that goes hand in hand with parties, and many residents of Gensokyo engage in drinking when it comes to events or ceremonies. However, Suika can be found drinking all the time, even outside of such events. It's speculated that the more she drinks, the stronger she becomes, but testing that is difficult as she's basically never sober in the first place.

Despite her constant state of inebriation, she is ridiculously perceptive, and able to pinpoint things people don't like about themselves with incredible, and apparently subconscious, accuracy. Which, of course, she wastes no time in relaying out loud. It's usually not done out of any malicious intent, though the result is more often than not angering the other party. At the same time, she isn't one to necessarily exploit someone else's weaknesses, it's just a matter of commenting on them. When it comes to fighting, her style remains straightforward and very unpolished, so her perception isn't really something that's used to her advantage, not counting the fact that people tend to get careless when angry, but that's simply a nice side effect rather than an intention.

Once bested, though, Suika is an incredibly loyal individual, possibly to an annoying degree. After having her antics stopped by the resident miko, she takes it upon herself to drop by the shrine frequently. Her visits often end up with her being told to clean up the grounds, to which she will happily oblige. She respects those who have great strength, as it means they can go toe-to-toe with her and actually offer up a challenge. This seems to hold true even for folks who are less than honest about the way they go about things, as she is seen criticizing one character in particular for resorting to underhanded tactics, though still appears to respect her and consider her a friend. Honesty is greatly important to her, but in the end, strength trumps that.

Debt: Officially, clearing up a cosmic debt of causing a lot of property damage and creating troublesome incidents in Gensokyo. She agreed to come to Koriko because the Witch simply told her there were a lot of rowdy people she'd probably like to meet, so her contract was signed through deception.
Suitability: Suika is probably not the best worker the Witch will ever hire. She's a fairly lazy and carefree individual, though finding something that fits her natural strengths and abilities as a job will certainly be lucrative. She's a show-off by nature, so once she finds a position where she can flaunt that, it will be unlikely that she'll want to leave. Also she's totally likely to rack up a ton of debt during her stay so all the more reason to keep her around and work even more am I right?

Previous Game Info: N/A!

Inventory: Along with her clothing, Suika had two very important things on her. The first of them being a set of spell cards, and the second being a sake gourd. The gourd itself is an Oni heirloom that produces endless sake. She's probably going to want that back ASAP.

Abilities, Strengths, and Weaknesses:
In Gensokyo, each inhabitant has a unique ability, which typically manifests in their fighting style. Suika's is the manipulation of density, which is used in a multitude of ways. One of the big uses for it includes turning her body into a mist and, in this form, she is impervious to attacks, can monitor large areas easily, and even encourage the desires of people who come into contact with it. The biggest example of this ability comes from the first fighting game, Immaterial and Missing Power, in which Suika, in mist form, caused days of endless partying among the residents of Gensokyo. Additionally, the density manipulation allows her to change size, or create tiny copies of herself by dispersing and reassembling parts of herself (in canon she's shown to use strands of her hair to do this).
She is also ridiculously strong (given her heritage as an Oni, this isn't surprising), capable of ingesting ridiculous amounts of liquor with seemingly no repercussions, and like all the big players in canon, has the ability to use spell cards and danmaku for fighting.

For strengths, the most obvious for her is her, well, strength! She may appear to be very tiny and slight, but her heritage makes her an extraordinarily powerful adversary. She's often noted as making tremendous displays of her own power, doing completely absurd things such as breaking the moon (which was then later to be revealed as her actually shattering the heavens themselves), just to remind anyone who might be watching that she can do that sort of thing. As a result, she's also ridiculously resilient, and it takes a lot to best her at physical activity. It's noted that the more she drinks, the stronger she becomes (or just maybe that no one's ever seen her sober), which is a scary thought when you consider that she has a constant supply of alcohol with her, thanks to her sake gourd.

Her weaknesses aren't terribly apparent most of the time, but they do exist. Etiquette in Gensokyo dictates that fights be settled with the use of spellcards and danmaku. However, like the other oni, Suika isn't very adept at using them. Despite having extremely powerful attacks, and many of them to boot, it's noted that Suika tends to resort to using brute force over any sort of skill. Her sense of loyalty can also be used against her easily, and making her feel obligated to do something is the easiest way to get her to do it. Oni, while very rowdy and powerful beings, are also very straightforward and honest, and in the past were highly subjected to trickery and deceit by humans, which went on for quite a while and is still something that would very likely effect Suika. She is apparently also weakened by roasted beans (as a nod to the spring Setsubun tradition).


Characterization Sample:
Apparently, having a little bit of fun in this place was more difficult than expected. It took Atsumaru little time to find a few of the many bars dotted around the island, though her first few attempts had ended with the bouncers at the door turning her away. 'No employees of the island' in this one, 'Aren't you a little young to be here?' in that one, and trying to muscle her way in was sure to cause more of a commotion than she wanted to deal with. The third time is always the charm, though! And rather than deal with the guard standing at the door, she decides the best course of action is to slip her way in, using mist form, through one of the windows.

After all, it's not like she isn't really old enough to be there in the first place, and no one actually has a reason to kick her out yet! For all they know, she's one of the visiting spirits, too! (... As if the work clothes don't give her away)

She stays incognito for a few minutes after infiltrating the bar, simply wanting to observe the other patrons and get a good feel for the kind of company she'd be keeping tonight. For a bar, unfortunately, the atmosphere is a little too subdued. She'll have to fix that, somehow! There's no reason to not be having a good, noisy time when you're drinking! In a dark corner, she reforms herself before marching up to the row of stools at the bar. She'll have to find someone who looks especially fun - maybe someone who doesn't seem like they've been here for too long...

Ah-ha! A spirit who looks like he's still working on his first glass, larger than her, but still on the smaller side when compared to some of the other patrons, and dressed up really nicely for someone who just wants to have a drink. Yes, surely someone who likes showing off. He should do perfectly. Atsumaru trots on over to the empty stool next to him and plops herself down in it with a completely disarming smile.

"Wanna play a game? Loser picks up the tab!"


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