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Stats and permissions


Canon Name: Suika Ibuki
Work Name: Atsumaru
Canon: Touhou Project

Age/Sex/Gender: ????/F/F
Height: v(unsure)v Whatever she wants to be? I'd ballpark it at about 4'6"/137cm typically. Itty bitty Oni.
Weight: The real mystery.
Species/Supernatural Qualities: Oni, ability to manipulate density, superhuman strength, and unreal ability to stomach large quantities of alcohol. See her app for more details!

Occupation/s: Entertainer
Point Total: 0
Inventory: 1 set of work clothes
Other Notes: Do not let her challenge you to drinking games I am serious.


Platonic Physical Contact: Go for it!
Romantic/Sexual Physical Contact: Same for this one if pettankos are your thing... 6_6
Violent Physical Contact: Be prepared to fight for your life if you're gonna start a fight but yeah totally she'll love that nonsense.
Mindreading: There's no way she'd have any shield against it so you're all good for this.
IC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: I honestly can't think of any.
OOC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: It is a mystery!
Other Notes: I'm serious about the drinking game thing though.